Download CarX Street MOD APK v1.0.2 (Unlimited Money / All Cars Unlocked)

Are you looking for CarX Street MOD APK for android? You are on the right website. We are providing the best and latest version of modded APK of CarX Street Apk. CarX Technologies recently launched CarX Street. It is gaining popularity day by day due to its amazing gameplay and realistic graphics. Because of its popularity, you are here to download CarX Street MOD APK unlimited money latest version 2023. We’ll dive into game features later in this article. Let’s have the introduction of CarX Street MOD APK first.

CarX Street MOD APK Information

App NameCarX Street MOD APK
PublisherCarX Technologies, LLC
CategoryCar Racing
Size1.1 GB
Latest VersionV1.0.2
Last UpdateJune 7, 2023
Android OS RequirementsAndroid 9 and UP
Get it on PlaystorePlay Store
Get it on App StoreApp Store
CarX Street MOD APK Information
CarX Street MOD APK

Download CarX Street MOD APK iOS and enjoy the game on iPhone and iPad.

What’s New in Update?

In recent update of CarX Street v0.9.2, there are some modifications in the game.

Connect Controller

Now you can connect your controller with the game. It’ll help you to navigate around map while race. You’ll no need to stop the car to check the map again!!

New Mode

New Mode of Free Drift has been added. At first it was in beta mode. Now it is available publicly. Enjoy unlimited drift without any restriction! Up your game level now!

OLD versions of CarX Street MOD APK Download

You can download the previous version v0.9.1 of CarX Street MOD Apk using the following download button.

You can download the previous version v0.9.1 of CarX Street MOD Apk using the following download button.

You can download the previous version v0.9.0 of CarX Street MOD Apk using the following download button.

You can download the previous version v0.8.6 of CarX Street MOD Apk using the following download button.

CarX Street Screenshots

Introduction of CarX Street MOD APK For Android

CarX Street MOD APK is the Pro and MOD version of the CarX Street APK. It is the ultimate street racing game. In CarX Street, there are a lot of sports cars that you can modify and upgrade using different customization options. You’ll need money to unlock all cars and customize them. But here, we got your back. You’ll get all cars unlocked in our modded app of CarX Street. Is it not exciting? But wait, the climax is here! You’ll get unlimited money and gold to customize and upgrade your cars. You’ll never worry again about money on CarX Street.

4K Gameplay CarX Street
4K Gameplay CarX Street

This game also offers multiple modes to play. You can play career mode or can compete with online players. You can join clubs and defeat bosses to increase your reputation and gain perks. The map of CarX Street is very detailed, giving the player the best experience throughout the gameplay. Realistic physics and sounds make the gameplay experience even better. Let’s have an overview of MOD features.

CarX Street MOD Features

Unlimited Money

As mentioned, we are providing CarX Street MOD APK unlimited money, which will remove all tension about in-game currency. You can use unlimited money for shopping, upgrading your car, tuning, and more. Enjoy the restrictions free rides.

All Cars Unlocked

 In CarX Street MOD Apk, you’ll get all cars unlocked. You’ll not need to buy the premium cars as these cars will be unlocked already. You can buy premium houses using premium cars. With unlimited money, you can upgrade your car to the next level and defeat your opponents with your upgraded cars.

Ads Free Gameplay

Ads are always a big annoying issue while gaming. Ads destroy the rhythm of gameplay. We take it as a challenge and remove all ads to give you a smooth ad free game experience. Now with CarX Street MOD APK, you’ll never see a single ad. You don’t need to pay a penny to remove annoying ads. So, what are you waiting for? Download CarX Street MOD APK Latest version 2023 now and enjoy the ad-free game experience.

No Root Need

 You don’t need to make your phone rooted to download CarX Street MOD APK. You can use any smartphone. It can be an Android phone or IOS. We ensure you face no issues while playing the CarX Street game.

Realistic Physics

The physics engine in CarX Street MOD APK creates realistic motion and collisions, ensuring that each race is unique and unpredictable. Players can use the power of their vehicles to drift around corners on straightaways.

Multiplayer Mode

Players can race against up to seven other opponents in real-time online races across a variety of tracks. The leaderboards show who is currently at the top, adding an extra layer of competition.

Game Features of CarX Street Apk

Realistic Graphics

CarX Street has unmatched realistic graphics. It attracts players so much and keeps them engaged with the game. The game environment is the key point to attract gamers toward the game. A more realistic game means more addiction and engagement to the game. 

Different Camera View from Car
Different Camera View from Car

Sound Enhancement

CarX Street boasts a realistic sound that feels like you are driving a real car. In recent updates, developers have enhanced the sound to the maximum level. You’ll feel the engine’s sound while drifting your car on highways or street corners. The sound of the engine’s roar and the tires’ screech on the road adds new excitement to the gameplay experience.

Car Tuning

The CarX Street app has a very detailed car tuning system. You can upgrade the engine, transmissions, body, suspension, and wheels. These tuning options help control our car. You can adjust the car tuning if you need more drift or grip while driving. It’s all your choice. 

There are five types of engines available for upgradation. These engines are street, sport, racing, elite and ultimate. You can swap the current car engine with available engine options. You can adjust component features of each engine like Torque, RPM, Turbine pressure, and many more.

In transmission, you can change gearboxes and clutches and their features like gear shifting speed, preload, lock acceleration, final drive, transmission losses, and many more. All options are not available for customizing in every transmission. It would be best to upgrade to the maximum transmission level to customize all options. Similarly, many customization options are available for suspension and wheels. 

Car Customization

Car customization options are available in the styling section of the CarX Street game. You can customize the car body. In body styling, you can customize multiple car sections like body kit, Hood, Rear bumper, Doors, Spoiler, Exhaust, Tire rims, and many more. You can change parts and customize colors. 

Engine Fuel System Tuning
Engine Fuel System Tuning

Buying Houses

On CarX Street, You can buy different houses and apartments on the map, which you can use as a garage for your cars. Some homes have beautiful locations like uphill and near the sea. You can enjoy the beautiful scenes from these houses. In these houses, you’ll get a bucket in the parking area. If you hit that bucket, you’ll get the money bonus. These houses’ locations are shown with a home icon on the map. Some houses require premium cars; otherwise, you’ll not be able to buy these houses.

Realistic Physics

The CarX Street game developers take care of the physics so brilliantly. While playing this game, you’ll feel everything is happening like in real life. When your car crashes or collides with objects, it shows realistic damage. At high speeds, the direction and speed of the wind affect the car’s balance and movement. It shows that aerodynamics are great in this game. This game is the perfect example of how to keep physics real in the games. 

Overview of Global Map

The map of CarX Street has much variety and many locations to explore. You’ll never get bored while playing the game. You can get updates on the map on the official stem blog posts of CarX Tech. Here, we’ll give you all the information about the map of CarX Street. The map is extensive and has a lot of landscapes. The map is divided into six districts. Let’s have the overview one by one.


 It is the first place where the player gets their first interaction with the game. Here you’ll get your first car.

Lake Valley

As its name suggests, there is a lake view and many houses. There are so many houses. It looks like a vacation place.


It is the center of the city. There are tall buildings, markets, casinos, and clubs. It’s like the heart of the city. Roads are so much wider in this area. You’ll enjoy the fast races here.


There are factories in this area. It is located on the north side of the port. There are multiple palm trees and neon lights, which differentiate it from the other city.

Mountain Drive

Mountains always capture the attractiveness of the person. It happens even in the games. So, CarX developers created the mountain drive. Here you’ll see the series of mountains. There are many sharp inclines and declines, offering the best driving experience to the player.


This district is so peaceful because of less traffic and pleasant views. It always has good weather.

Game Modes of CarX Street

There are four game modes in the CarX Street Pro Apk. Here is the list:

Single Player (Career Mode)

This mode allows you to play CarX Street independently, immersing yourself in the world of night street racing. You’ll have the opportunity to navigate a large city and its surroundings, which include busy city streets, spiral mountain roads, and mesmerizing coastal highways. This mode is about much more than just racing; you’ll also get the chance to customize your car with detailed tuning options, allowing you to tailor your ride to your driving style or the demands of specific tracks.

Multiplayer Online

CarX Street offers a vast shared online world where you can interact with a large number of other players. This adds a social element to the game, as you can join or form racing teams, challenge others in network races, and compete for the top spots on the leaderboards. The MMO nature of the game also means that the world is dynamic and evolving, with other players contributing to the excitement and unpredictability of the races.

Online Co-op

This mode is designed for players who enjoy teamwork. In online co-op mode, you can team up with friends or other players from around the world to participate in races or complete other tasks together. This could involve coordinating in relay races, team drift challenges, or other cooperative events. The cooperative nature of this mode means that communication and coordination with your teammates are key to success.

Player vs Player

 In this competitive mode, you can directly challenge other players in races or other in-game challenges. This could include time trials, drift challenges, or head-to-head races. The PvP mode is all about skill and strategy, as you have to understand your car’s performance, the track layout, and potentially even your opponent’s driving style to emerge victorious.

List of Cars in CarX Street

There are 53 cars on CarX Street. These cars included all famous car brands like Bugatti, Ferrari, BMW, and many other sports cars. But due to rights infringement, CarX developers use the base of these cars for the body and give it a different name. There are four categories of cars. There are four categories of cars. 

  • 1 Class
  • 2 Class
  • 3 Class
  • Premium

Every class has a different set of cars. Cars are divided into three types. Cars can be FWD, RWD, and AWD. FWD cars are not suitable for drifting. RWD cars are suitable for both drifting and stabilized driving. AWD cars are ideal for sprint and circuit races. Here is the list of cars. We’ll list them according to their categories.

1 Class2 Class3 ClassPremium
CarX Street Cars Information

Download and Install CarX Street MOD APK

In this section, you will get the guide to download and install CarX Street MDO APK. This procedure is valid for all android versions including Android 11.

  • Download the APK file: Click on the download button for downloading the APK file. Apk file will be in the downloads folder of your device. 
  • Enable Unknown Sources: Before installing the APK, you will need to enable the option to install apps from unknown sources. To do this, go to your device’s “Settings” app, then to “Security” or “Privacy” and enable the option.
  • Install the APK: Go to the download folder and click on the downloaded Apk file for starting the installation process. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
  • Launch the Game:  It might takes some minutes for installing. Once installation complete. You can click on the Open button to start the game.
  • Enjoy the game: With unlimited money, unlocked cars, and no ads, you can enjoy the full racing experience without any limitations.

Tips and Tricks

From my experience of playing the CarX Street game, I’m sharing helpful tips and tricks about CarX Street. These tips and tricks will be very helpful to you while playing the game.

  • Don’t Select Civic: At the start of the game, you’ll need to select your first vehicle. Don’t ever select a citizen. It’ll waste your time, and you’ll not be able to enjoy the game. 
  • Buy a house on the mountain: You should buy the house at the top of the hill. It’ll help you to travel fast for free.
  • Upgrade your fuel tank: You need a bigger fuel tank for your car. It’ll help you to ride your car without the tension of fuel shortage. Remember that you don’t use nitro gas from the fuel station. Always fill up your fuel tank with sports gas.
  • Keep connected to the internet: You should keep yourself connected. It’ll save your progress automatically. If you play offline, it’ll not save your progress.
  • Tune your car: You should tune your car in your style. Don’t copy the other players’ styles.

Pros & Cons

Let’s discuss the Pros and Cons of CarX Street MOD APK. Knowing the advantages and disadvantages before playing the game is necessary.

  • Unlimited Resources: As described above, you’ll get unlimited money to spend anywhere in the game. This money will increase whenever you spend it. Not only money, but you’ll also get all cars unlocked too.
  • Ad Free Game: You’ll never see a single Ad in this game. We make sure to remove all ads from the game. You’ll get all perks without watching Ad. It gives you restrictions free rides in the game.
  • Quick Download: While installing the original CarX Street APK, you face difficulty downloading the additional resources in the game. But here we got your back. We are providing fast servers, which will increase the download speed and ensure you enter the game quickly.
  • Access to All Game Modes: Players can access all game modes in the MOD APK version.
  • Lack of support: You’ll not be able to get any support from developers regarding any issue in the game because you are playing the modded app.
  • Lack of updates: You’ll not be able to get any updates. You’ll need to reinstall the game each time after every update. Your progress may not be saved.
  • Risk of Ban: Your account may be banned if the game’s inner system detects suspicious activity. But we’ve taken care of it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Check out all the FAQs about this popular game here, so you can get off the starting line as quickly and confidently as possible. Get ready to burn rubber with CarX Street Mod Apk!

CarX Street was released for Android on 22 April 2022. But it is available only in a few countries. To enjoy the CarX Street game on your smartphone, you must live in a white-listed country.

Yes! CarX Street is free to play. You can enjoy most of the features for free. However, it has some in-app purchases too.

The size of CarX Street is up to 2 GB for Android smartphones.

You’ll need to connect to the internet to open the game. But after opening the game, you can play offline.

CarX Street Racing MOD APK is a safe and secure version of the game, with no risk of malware or other harmful software. The game is regularly tested and updated to ensure its safety and stability.

You can download it from the following download link.

According to the CarX Developers, 4GM ram is the minimum requirement and 8GB RAM is recommended to play CarX Street.

Simply download the CarX Street MOD APK and click on the downloaded file to install it. We’ve provided the complete instructions above.

Yes, 4GB RAM is the minimum requirement of the CarX Street. But I’ll recommend you 8GB for smooth gameplay.

Yes! You can download and play CarX Street MOD APK IOS. Just download it and install the MOD APK.


In conclusion, CarX Street MOD APK is an exceptional street racing game that offers a realistic gaming experience with its detailed graphics, sound enhancements, and real-world physics. So, go ahead and download CarX Street MOD APK today and immerse yourself in a thrilling street racing journey.